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When we’re not besieged by news about how still IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn is on suicide watch, how his various French supporters claim the whole thing is a conspiracy (he won’t get to run for President anymore), that he was upset about being on a ‘perp walk’ (that’s the practice of parading celebrities in front of the media when they’re booked at a police station; the former French cultural minister Jack Lang said it was like ‘lynching’); that Strauss-Kahn loves his daughter and is not a gorrilla, we notice how some members of the media are gleefully hounding his alleged victim. To the effect that the woman, an immigrant from Guinea in West Africa, is now in hiding. At some point, her lawyer Jeffrey Shapiro was forced to deny that she had an “agenda” and that she did not know who Strauss-Kahn was.

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    That’s that bullshit!
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    Its absolutely disgusting. I’ve seen a meme floating around tumblr somewhere about how some female believes she is too...
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    Oh yes the Hottentot Venus… I stumbled over her case as I wrote my paper… that’s indeed fitting to this case here…
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    Excellent read. The comments about the colonial gaze were spot on. Thanks for posting!
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